[Student Health Services] Extreme Heat Warning Issued for Santa Clarita - Important Safety Measures

Important tips from LA County Officials include:

  • Avoid the sun – Stay indoors from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. when the burning rays are strongest.
  • Drink plenty of fluids – Drink 2 to 4 glasses of water every hour during times of extreme heat.
  • Replace salt and minerals – Sweating removes salt and minerals from your body, so replenish these nutrients with low-sugar fruit juices or sports drinks during exercise or when working outside.
  • Avoid alcohol – Alcohol can cause dehydration. Drinking alcohol within 24 hours of working in the heat can increase the risk of heat illness.
  • Pace yourself – Reduce physical activity and avoid exercising outdoors during peak heat hours.
  • Wear appropriate clothing – Wear a wide-brimmed hat and light-colored lightweight, loose-fitting clothes when you are outdoors.
  • Stay cool indoors – Set your air conditioner between 75° to 80°. If you don’t have air conditioning, take a cool shower twice a day and visit a public air conditioned facility.
  • Use sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least 15 if you need to be in the sun.

We will continue to update you regarding safety and health measures we are taking at CalArts as we prepare for your return to campus. I encourage you to care for yourself and to check in on others. 

Be safe,

Elizabeth Peisner, EdD

Executive Director of Health and Wellness