Student Experience handles the application process for several assistance grants. Registered students who have unmet financial need and need assistance are eligible for these grants.  

NOTE: The Grants listed on this page are considered qualified educational need-based grants and CalArts is not required to report the income to the IRS. However, the grant may still be taxable to the student, if the total amount received exceeds the cost of attendance. In that case, this information must be reported to the IRS by the student. For questions regarding this requirement, please feel free to contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information at

CalArts Emergency Grants are designed to provide assistance to currently enrolled students who are struggling with a personal crisis or an emergency situation. For some students, the financial impact of a fire, temporary homelessness, an unexpected auto expense, injury or loss of a family member could drastically affect their success.  

Qualified students in good standing are rendered assistance in the form of single, one-time per semester awards. Please be prepared to authenticate your request for financial assistance. Emergency funding is not intended to provide ongoing relief for recurring expenses, such as rent or car payments, tuition or enrollment related expenses, or expenses resulting from failure to follow CalArts policies or municipal laws. These awards are not loans that students are expected to repay. The value of the award will range in response to the needs of the student and the availability of funding, but is commonly between $100 and $200.

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Current students may apply for a Center for Life & Work Travel Grant to fund travel expenses incurred during creative or academic pursuits and projects that directly support their professional development outside of the classroom. Students interested in applying can find more information on The Hub under Center for Life and Work. 

Students demonstrating financial need who are pursuing unpaid or underpaid internships for academic credit are eligible to apply for a $300 internship grant to supplement expenses incurred while interning. The selection process is competitive and grants are not guaranteed. When reviewing submissions, the selection committee considers: relevance of the internship to the student's field of study; an understanding of the benefit of the internship experience to the student's career path; and how many previous internships the student has completed (students with no internship experience are prioritized). In-person internships are given preference. Students interested in applying can find more information on The Hub under Center for Life and Work.