Action Steps

Following the findings from Where We Stand: The CalArts Survey on Sexual Respect, the Institute is taking additional steps in its ongoing work to create a stronger environment of sexual respect. Among the action items:

Fall 2022
  • Distribution of survey results via campus events and outreach across the CalArts community
  • Ongoing external review of CalArts policies and practices on sexual respect, including provisions for training, education, awareness, and reporting of sexual misconduct
  • Preparation of campus counseling and wellness resources for a potential increase in reports of sexual misconduct following the introduction of survey results
  • Evaluation of restorative practices and resources
  • Exploration of permanent healing spaces and related prospects for additional supportive measures
Spring 2023
  • Delivery of recommendations for strengthening policies and practices on sexual respect
  • Introduction of enhanced education and training around sexual respect and misconduct, to be made available to students, including incoming students, in addition to faculty, staff, and administrators