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What is Self-Service Proxy?

Self-Service Proxy is a solution that allows students to designate a third-party to access certain financial aid, billing, and certain academic information. This is in compliance with FERPA, and the Institute’s policy on access to student education records. The Institute is prohibited from providing certain information regarding student records to a third-party, such as information on grades, billing, tuition, and fee assessments, financial records (including scholarships, grants, work study, or loan amounts) and other student record information unless authorized by the student. Please note: Proxy cannot be used to gain access to any student's health related information as it is protected under HIPAA, not FERPA.

An authorized party, also known as a "proxy," can log in to CalArts Self-Service using their own email address and password to see their student’s financial aid, student account, and some academic records. The student determines the level of access they wish to grant their proxy access to.

Setup Instructions for Students

Use Self-Service Proxy to grant your parent or another person access to specific Self-Services sections you authorize. The person granted Self-Service Proxy can log in to Self-Service using their own email address and password and see only the sections you select. These sections can include student accounts, financial aid and grades. Follow the instructions below to get started.

  1. Log into to access CalArts Self-Service for Students.
  2. After selecting Self-Service, students will be presented with a new screen (see below), where they will simply enter their username and will be automatically signed in.
  3. Access Proxy by clicking on their name and choosing “View/Add Proxy Access” from the menu options.
  4. On the Proxy Screen, the student will be presented with the proxy he/she has added as well as the option to add a proxy.
  5. Under “Select Proxy” a list of potential family/friends that can be a Proxy may already be listed. The list of proxies comes from the list of individuals previously reported on a FERPA waiver. The proxy must have an email address on file.
  6. To add a user not listed, students should click on “Add Another User”. The student will be presented with a list of fields to fill out. All required fields will be marked. Optional fields, though not required, will assist us in ensuring we match your proxy in our system. 
  7. After the student clicks submit, they will need to supply their password for verification.
  8. The student will select the proxy and then indicate what they will be able to view/access. The student  can give the person complete access or select access.
  9. Read the Disclosure Agreement, if you agree to terms, click the box beside it and click Save.
  10. Once the student clicks on save, the proxy will be sent two separate emails. The first email will give a username and the second email will have a temporary password.
  11. The student  will get a notification that the person was added successfully. This access can be edited at any time by the student.
  12. The student can edit their Self-Service Proxy by going back to the Proxy menu, accessing their list of proxies, then clicking on the pencil icon to edit.

Setup Instructions for Designated Proxy (e.g., parent, guardian)

Once your student has designated you as a Proxy, the steps below will explain the initial setup of their Self-Service Proxy.

  1. After your student has granted you access as a Self-Service Proxy, you will receive two email notifications with specific instructions.
  2. The first email will provide a username.
  3. The second email will provide a temporary password. 

CalArts Self-Service Proxy Assistance

Should you have any specific questions regarding Self-Service or Proxy Access at California Institute of the Arts please submit a ticket here or email CalArts Information Technology


A Student may allow an individual to access certain Self-Service pages. They are as follows:

  • Student Finance
    • Tuition Statement
    • Account Activity
    • Account Summary
    • Make a Payment
  • Financial Aid
    • Financial Aid Home
    • Offer Letter
    • My Awards
    • FA Required Documents
    • Satisfactory Academic Progress
  • Academics
    • Grades
  • General
    • Notifications/Holds
      • Tax Information
    • Tax Information

Proxies gain access by being granted permission by the student. Once the necessary steps are completed by the student, the designated proxy will receive 2 emails; One email indicating the account has been created and sharing the Proxy’s username. The second email will provide a temporary password that is to be used to access CalArts Self-Service. The proxy will be prompted to change their password immediately upon accessing Self-Service.

Tips on logging in for the first time to be a Proxy.

Your username and password are case sensitive, please use upper and lower case where shown. Please make sure that the cap locks key on your keyboard isn't turned on. The password may contain special characters or numbers. You will be prompted to change your password after you login. The password should be at least 8 characters long and not contain any part of the username. The password should contain all 3 of the following:

  • Uppercase letters
  • Lowercase letters
  • Numbers
  • Special characters are optional

Copy and paste the password above when you log in for the first time. To access your student's information after logging on, please click on the student name to view their information. Once you log into Self-Service you do have the option to change your password. To change your password click on your name and choose the menu option "Change Password".

Yes. Simply click the pencil to edit the proxy record. You may change the options or remove the proxy access.

Yes, please have your student use the same email address for all of your students attending CalArts.

Should you have any specific questions regarding Self-Service or Proxy Access at California Institute of the Arts please submit a ticket here or email CalArts Information Technology

No. Institute staff cannot change the permission settings for proxies. Only the student allowing the proxy access can make changes.