50th Anniversary Weekend

April 28-30, 2023

CalArts 50: 50th Anniversary Weekend
President’s Picnic (1979)

CalArts’ 50th Anniversary Weekend celebrates the Institute’s first five decades of artmaking, education, and out-of-the-box thinking. Some events are dedicated specifically to our alums as part of the Alumnx Reunion (taking place concurrently that weekend), as well as plenty of end-of-year events—including the World Music Festival, the Open Studios, and more—that are open to the public. A major highlight of the weekend is the Happenings, a creative endeavor of 75+ durational, performative, and immersive projects taking place on Friday nights and Saturday afternoon.

If you have any questions regarding our event please contact us at alumnx@calarts.edu.

Anniversary Weekend Registration

You are invited to join us in Valencia to celebrate 50 years of CalArts with friends. Highlights of Anniversary Weekend include an awards dinner, Sunday brunch, alumnx-centric programming, and the opportunity to engage with current students.