Portfolio Guidelines (MFA Concentration)

Integrated Media (IM) is a supplemental concentration supported by the Center of Integrated Media (CIM) and available to MFA students. IM is designed specifically for advanced students whose creative use of technology—particularly digital media —goes beyond their primary area of study in art, dance, film/video, music, theater and writing.

Prospective graduate students who are interested in IM must apply to the metier MFA program and then check IM as a specialization on the online application. IM applications are reviewed by both the metier program faculty and the IM faculty and must include the following portfolio items in their metier portfolio (Do not submit a separate IM portfolio, rather include IM examples in your program portfolio) and submit a separate Artist Statement.

IM-Specific Portfolio Requirements

  • examples of work in electronic and/or digital media
  • examples of work that show an interest towards interdisciplinary methodologies

Artist Statement

The statement should cover the following topics:

  • your understanding of current issues in the field of media, technology and the arts
  • explain the basis of your work, detailing your experience in new forms of media
  • express your interest in the Center for Integrated Media at CalArts

Please visit the Center for Integrated Media to learn more about the IM supplemental concentration.