Alumnx are eligible for many benefits and discounts.

In addition to year-round resources listed, we frequently share discounts and special access to events, tickets, fellowships, and grants through our e-newsletter, The Network. here.

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Benefits & Discounts

CalArts Library Privileges

CalArts alumnx are eligible for library borrowing privileges for a one-time fee of $100. Pick up forms at the Alumnx Office or at the Library Circulation Desk. For more information on Library resources and policies, please visit their site.

Information on CalArts Film Services are available on the Library's site. Details on reference requests, viewing materials and reproducing materials in CalArts Library are available online as well.

A Lifelong CalArts Email

CalArts students and alumnx utilize their CalArts email account for as long as they wish. If you were enrolled before the proliferation of email, you may need an account to be created; otherwise a simple password reset may be all that is necessary.

In both cases, please fill out the Alumnx Email Request Form. Once completed, an Information Technology ticket will be submitted on your behalf. We will match your information with our records and you'll be on your way to your account in no time!

This email account gives users access to the full suite of Google Applications: Calendar, Doc, Sheets, Slides, MyMaps, Hangout, and more!

Online Alumnx Email Request Form

Additional Benefits & Discounts

For details, special links, and discount codes for perks listed, contact


If you would like to include a discount code for the CalArts Alumnx Community, email us at We focus on benefits related to the arts and travel.