August Grahn Memorial Thriving Artist Series

The August Grahn Memorial Fund is designated solely for the purpose supporting the The August Grahn Memorial Thriving Artist Series. This series will present a number of artists and speakers in various disciplines and mediums, who will be commissioned to create and or present works centered on mental health and wellness, for a series of lectures, shows, and on campus performances and presentations. The funds will be utilized to secure their works/presence for campus, and for post-event receptions for students to discuss their thoughts and feelings surrounding the works.

Ferguson Rises - Mobolaji Olambiwonnu

Mobolaji is a graduate of UCLA and AFI. His first feature documentary Ferguson Rises is the recipient of the prestigious Audience Award at the Tribeca Film Festival and is now being distributed by PBS. FERGUSON RISES ultimately embodies the power of channeling grief into change and can help add visual and emotional resonance to some of the topics you may be discussing with your community. The film with a facilitated discussion will allow the audience to navigate difficult topics such as race, policing, resilience, trauma, and mental health. We hope that you will join us on Wednesday, March 21 at 4:30pm for the screening in the Bijou, Q&A with Black Arts Collective, and refreshments. 

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Ova and Leilani - TeAda Productions

TeAda is a nomadic theater of color rooted in the stories of immigrants and refugees. Their artistic directors will share with us how this work attends to the healing and honoring the lives of the displaced, exploited and overlooked. 

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Josh Kornbluth

Josh Kornbluth, monologuist, will be doing an autobiographical monologue on the subject of empathy using story to explore brain function. Josh has been doing autobiographical monologues for over three decades. 

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Susan Schwartzenberg

Susan Schawartzenberg a visual artist, photographer, and curator will present, People in time and place – Reflections on Public History, a selection of works concentrating on the ways people are shaped by memory, history, and place. Projects presented will include, the Rosie the Riveter Memorial/Honoring Women’s Labor during World War II, Philosopher’s Way, Becoming Citizen’s: Family Life and the Politics of Disability among other works. 

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