Second Floor

Almost as busy as the third floor, the second floor of CalArts houses a mix of production and fabrication spaces, as well as places used by every student like the Library, the Writing Center, the Bijou Cinema, the Student Union, the CalArts Store, and Tatum Lounge/Coffee Bar.

Map of the CalArts Second Floor


African Drum Room

Alumnx/Advancement Mural

Art Office

Bijou Movie Theater

CalArts Store

Coffeehouse Theater

Dance Dressing Rooms

Dance Studios

Design Studio

Film Services Library

Film/Video Office

Instrument Collection

KCIA Radio


Machine Lab

Office of Campus Life (Clubs and Organizations)

Pilates Studio

Practice Room(s)

Scene Shop & Welding Lab

Student Health Center

Student Union

Super Shop

Tabla Room


The Cage

The Palace

Writing Center