Institutional Research and Effectiveness at CalArts coordinates evaluation and planning throughout the Institute by facilitating research design, as well as data collection, analysis and interpretation for academic, co-curricular, and administrative units across campus. Specific areas of activity include: assessment, accreditation and program review, institutional research, and strategic planning.

Institutional Research

Institutional research serves a vital function for the Institute by collecting, analyzing, and reporting information essential for making institutional decisions. The research conducted describes the Institute's characteristics over time in order to project for the future, and contextualizes the Institute within the global landscape in order to find how it relates to peers. Relevant information is also reported publicly to assist prospective students, employees, and other interested parties in better understanding the value of the Institute. CalArts institutional research is guided by the four core principles:

  • Quality Reporting: accurate, concise, and relevant reports that objectively simplify complex data and present essential information for easy review;
  • Collaborative Processes: open and flexible consultation in order to customize reports to fit the purpose and scope of each activity;
  • Ethical Standards: confidential data collection and reporting, and management of archives in a manner to prevent unauthorized access;
  • Best Practices: use of current institutional research methodologies, techniques, tools, and technology, while contribution to the global conversation about the arts in higher education.

2019/2020 Factbook

The CalArts Factbook provides several data points about the most recent academic year as well as historical data going back five years. If you have a request for information that is not already available in the factbook, you may submit an Institutional Research Data Request Form for additional institutional or survey data.

2019/2020 Factbook

Institutional Research Data Request Form