Taehee Kim
Taehee Kim Art and Technology MFA 19
Before I came to CalArts I studied media and interactive design in Korea. I was also working as a motion graphic designer.  Technology is rapidly changing and I wasn’t sure how this accelerated moment was affecting my identity as an artist.  When I decided it was time to pursue an MFA, I was interested in finding a school where I could explore my own philosophical perspective on technology and build new creative skills in a supportive environment.
Having my own artistic vision and identity rather than just being a digital technician was very important to me. Luckily, I was accepted to many great art schools but I chose CalArts because I was attracted to their distinctly creative vibe. I think it’s one of the best decisions I ever made.
All the students in the Art and Technology program come from diverse creative backgrounds including fine art, design, music, economics, science, video, dance, VR, and more.  In addition, their varied international backgrounds make the program a unique educational experience.
I learned so much from my peers, working closely together in a collaborative environment and through conversations about each other’s work. The interactions were very helpful in developing my practice both conceptually and technically and expanding my understanding of the complex and cutting edge field of art and technology.
 I also developed my interdisciplinary practice by taking classes in the Center for Integrated Media and in other programs throughout the school. The wide range of disciplines and faculty is another reason why I decided to attend CalArts.
The Art and Technology faculty takes a deep dive into each student’s work and they bring a broad range of life experience and knowledge to the work they critique. Tom Leeser and Scott Benzel, who were my great mentors, put a lot of effort and time into communicating with the students. They led me into new areas of thought and they helped me create a self-sufficient and professional practice. I can’t imagine what my MFA experience would have been without them.
My two years at CalArts taught me so much I wanted to share what I saw, heard, and learned with the world.