C.O. Thomas
C.O. Thomas Theater MFA 2008 Project Manager, Fox Filmed Entertainment

Suzan-Lori Parks introduced me to CalArts while I was working for The Public Theater in New York. I wanted the opportunity to expand my horizons because by the time I visited CalArts, I knew how to do small theater. Round three-fourth thrusts, proscenium arch—that’s how you present to mainstream audiences. I knew that art, but I didn’t know the avant-garde.

I’m currently a project manager overseeing every live project for 20th Century Fox. We have live international, touring theatrical shows; we have character meet-and-greet programs in mall shows; we have museums and exhibitions and 4-D projects around the world... I don’t have a 9-to-5 job. It’s non-stop. I have an office at Fox—there are two other CalArts alumni there—and I got the job through an alum that I went to school with. Our director of business development is also a CalArtian, and we’ve pulled in two interns from CalArts, which is great for us. They have the skills and class experience under their belts, and knowledge that we would have to teach most other people. There are only two schools in the country with classes in themed entertainment, and CalArts is one of them.