Faculty Grants 

Current faculty can find more information about these opportunities and more on the Development, Grants & Leaves section on the Hub.

Faculty Creative Leave Program

The Faculty Creative Leave Program provides Regular and Technical Faculty with the opportunity to focus exclusively for one semester on the development of artistic, scholarly and/or teaching practices. Please visit the Faculty Creative Leave Program page for more information.

Research & Practice Fellowship Program

The Research & Practice Fellowship Program provides opportunities for students to develop the artistic, intellectual and practice-based tools that will enable them to chart their own path to success through directed, one-on-one learning experiences with renowned faculty. The Program simultaneously provides faculty members with student fellows to support their projects, allowing faculty members to focus on their own artistic work while introducing future artists to the structure of life in the arts.

Travel & Professional Development Grant

The Travel & Professional Development Grant supports travel to conferences, workshops and skill-building trainings.

Student Grants

Current students can find more information about these opportunities on the Awards & Project Support section on the Hub.

Tim Disney Prize

The Tim Disney Prize for Excellence in the Storytelling Arts is a $2,500 prize that is awarded annually to one current CalArts student whose originality, courage, and excellence in storytelling illustrates the human condition and uplifts the human spirit. The prize recognizes the courage and commitment to make the world a better place, and the originality to do it through the unique powers of gifted storytelling. 

Nick England Intercultural Arts Project (ICAP) Awards

Available for faculty and current students, The Nick England Intercultural Arts Project (ICAP) Awards was established at CalArts in 1988 to help increase and sustain the presence of artists from many different cultures (emphasis on artists who live and work beyond the Eurocentric sphere while maintaining the aesthetic perspective of their specific backgrounds). The Project seeks to foster the mutual exchange of aesthetic, social, and political concerns through artistic interaction among diverse artists, the CalArts community and the wider constituencies of Southern California.

Interdisciplinary Project Grants

Interdisciplinary Project Grants are available to students who will be enrolled at CalArts during the semester of the award. Grants are available for up to $1,500 to support projects with a significant interdisciplinary element.