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Below you will find resources including the online Student Status Advice form, Supervisor Update Form, Hiring Procedures, Training Powerpoints, and Performance Management Resources & Review Materials.

Please contact with any questions.

Congratulations on your Student Worker Job Hire! Please have your student complete the online Student Status Advice form found on the Hiring Forms page or send them the link listed below, remind them to be sure to list your correct Cal Arts email when inputting it on the form. Once the student completes their portion of the form it will be sent to you so you can complete the supervisor section and then it will wait for processing at the Student Employment office (F 201) until the student submits the required additional hiring documents for final approval. You can also download this INSTRUCTION SHEET for step by step instructions.

*If you are hiring a student for a Federal Work Study position be aware that if they earned the max amount of wages listed on their financial aid award for the semester then they may be asked to resign from the role until the next semester unless additional funding is available.

Student Status Advice Form Access (Paper VersionSupervisor and student pointing at a computer

Student Employment Supervisor Update Form

Hiring Process Instructions:

  1. Post all open positions HERE
  2. Interview promising candidates (sample interview questions)
  3. Select your new hires and inform those who did not get the job
  4. Inform the student you hire that they need to complete the Student Status Advice Form (SSA) to start the hiring process
    1. Hiring an International or Foreign-Born Student? Follow THESE INSTRUCTIONS
  5. Contact the Student Employment Office to remove the job posting
  6. The student will be asked to complete their portion of the SSA form, and then it will be sent to you as a supervisor to complete your section once prompted by email (contact Student Employment if you don't receive the form)
  7. Students have never worked at the institute are then required to submit additional hiring paperwork (I-9, proof of identification for the I-9 see page 2, W-4, DE 4 and Direct Deposit Forms) to Student Employment in the Financial Aid office in F201 and then Student Employment will process the paperwork once received              
    1. ​ Students who have worked at Cal Arts previously will still need to submit a new SSA form for each new position but Student Employment will have their previous hiring paperwork saved. Students may be asked to submit updated or re-verified documents if needed
  8. Wait to schedule the student to begin working until you have received the confirmation email from Student Employment 

Payroll & Budget Resources

*Student Worker Payroll Questions? Please contact the Payroll office at their email

Understanding Federal Work Study

Student workers and supervisors are responsible for tracking student's number of allowable hours they can work per week and their overall earnings in order to utilize all of their work study funds during a set period of time. Student Employment will notify employers when the student is within $300.00 of the award limit. 

When the student has reached their award limit, he/she will be terminated from the work study position. If your office has departmental funding then student worker can be transferred to GL line but you must inform the Payroll office or submit a supervisor update form found at the top of the page. It is the student’s responsibility to notify managers of changes to employment including concurrent employment. If the student accepts additional job assignments that utilize the work study award, it will reduce the available funds to each department.

FWS Calculator: The work-study calculator utilizes specific formulas to determine the average number of hours per week the student can work for one FWS position. After determining the number of allowable hours per week, a work schedule can be established between the supervisor and the student. Note this tracker only totals one FWS position and any other FWS roles and payments given to the student may not be included.

If you have any questions or concerns about the Federal Work Study Program please contact the Student Employment Office.

Supervisor Training Resources

Performance Management and Review

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

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