Student Loans for International Students

There are a limited number of U.S. based educational loans available to international students. These loans generally require that you have the support of a cosigner who is a legal resident of the United States with good credit. Below we have listed some resources our students have taken advantage of in the past as a starting point for exploring additional options. CalArts does not partner with or endorse any of these lenders. Please note that there is a 5-10 business day processing timeframe for loan certification and origination after loan steps are completed. It is recommended to complete any and all outstanding application steps for all loans at least 30 days prior to the start of an academic term you need loan funds for.

Loan Disclosure

Please note that the borrower has the right to cancel a portion of or the entirety of their loan within 30 days of the disbursement of the funds to the student’s account. After which time it is the borrower’s responsibility to return any unwanted funds to the lender or federal loan servicer. To request a cancellation, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at and state what loan and amount you would like canceled or reduced.