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Counseling services

CalArts provides the students with counseling services throughout
the school year. Counselors Melissa Shepherd-Williams, MFT, and Marina Talley Chatterton, LCSW, have experience and skills ideally suited for CalArts students.

Registered students are allowed 12 individual counseling sessions per school year. The counseling staff can also provide workshops and information on a wide variety of issues and are available to help coordinate student self-help groups. In addition they can make referrals to outside professionals and agencies when appropriate, such as when longer term therapy is indicated.

Contact the counselors at:

Melissa Shepherd-Williams: 661.253.7871

Marina Chatterton: 661.253.7873


E Check-Up to Go: Alcohol Assessment

If you are interested in personalized feedback regarding your own drinking pattern, your alcohol risk pattern, and any goals and aspirations, visit http://interwork.sdsu.edu/echug2/CALARTS

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