CalArts Statement of Current Policy

The Student, Staff and Faculty Handbooks (see below) contain the Institute's policies and procedures on how to report criminal actions or other situations/emergencies that may occur on campus. These handbooks also contain the Institute's policies concerning the response to such reports.

The Institute has a Security Committee with student, faculty and staff representation, which meets monthly during the academic year. For information regarding these meetings, contact the Associate Vice President, Facilities and Administration, Room D100.

Building Access

When classes are in session all major entrances to the main building remain open. During holiday and vacation periods, the main building is accessible through the major entrances between 7am and 6pm on normal business days. Access at other times is through the loading dock door near the Campus Safety office.

During the academic year, access to certain rooms/spaces within the Institute may be restricted by the schools (e.g., costume shop, music practice rooms, editing rooms) and special keys or passes may be required. See individual school’s administrative assistants and the Keys section of the Student Handbook for more information on restricted areas.

During the summer months, building and facilities access may be restricted. Use of practice rooms, studio spaces, equipment and other facilities is by specific approval of school offices and/or the administration. The facilities of the Institute are often committed to special events and groups during the summer months and students must not assume access to and use of facilities.

Guest Policy

In order to establish reasonable precautions to ensure the privacy and safety of students, and yet avoid either unrealistic or over-restrictive procedures, the Institute asks students to notify Campus Safety when they are going to have guests arrive on campus after 8 pm.

Students must provide a guest list to Campus Safety, via email or telephone call with the person’s name and the name of the student hosting the event. The students must inform guest(s) where they will meet within the buildings. Guests who are on the list will be directed to the academic buildings and meeting areas. Students are responsible for the behavior of their guests and must be with them at all times.

Alcohol and Drugs Policy

The Institute has standards that prohibit the unlawful possession, use or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol by students, faculty and staff on Institute property or as part of the Institute's activities. As noted in the Student, Faculty and Staff Handbooks, sanctions will be imposed on students and employees (consistent with federal and state law) for the use or distribution of illicit drugs or illicit use of alcohol up to and including expulsion from the Institute or termination of employment.

The unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol is a violation of state and federal law. In the State of California anyone under the age of 21 cannot be served or be in possession of alcohol.

Alcohol may not be sold anywhere on the CalArts campus. The Institute allows the proper serving of alcohol at authorized functions as described in the Student Handbook.

In California, anyone driving with a .08, or greater, blood-alcohol content is considered "driving under the influence" and subject to loss of their driver's license and other penalties. These penalties can include incarceration.

The Institute recognizes the importance of assisting students, faculty and staff in dealing with substance or alcohol abuse problems, and to that end, offers educational and benefit programs dealing with such matters. Questions regarding this should be discussed with the Dean of Students, Provost or the Director of Human Resources.

Missing Persons

Student living on-campus: A suspected missing student should be reported to the Campus Safety department immediately. In compliance with federal laws, if after investigation, the student is determined to be missing, the appropriate law enforcement agencies and the student’s emergency contact will be notified within 24 hours. If a student is under the age of 18, CalArts is required to contact a parent or guardian. If a student is over the age of 18, CalArts is required to contact the emergency contact identified by the student to the Institute.

Personal Property

CalArts does not have property insurance for student possessions, and CalArts accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to any personal possessions or property of students.

Personal Vehicles on Campus

CalArts does not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to your personal vehicle while it is parked or driven on Institute property. This includes fire damage, falling branches or wind borne debris; vandalism or malicious mischief; damage caused by third parties; damage caused to your vehicle because you hit CalArts property, including curbs, speed bumps or other objects; or damage caused by towing or booting an illegally parked vehicle.

CalArts will be responsible for “at-fault” accidents between its vehicles and personal vehicles.


Pets of students are allowed on campus and in the academic building, but they must be on a leash held by a person, or in an appropriate cage or carrier. Prior to bringing a pet on campus, the owner must register the pet with CalArts. Pet registration occurs in the Facilities Office and the Campus Safety office during their hours of operation (Room D100). Dogs and cats must be licensed by Los Angeles County and wear their license while on campus.

Pets are not allowed:

  • In or on Chouinard or Ahmanson property, including the pool area and Mom’s Cafe.
  • In the following areas of the academic building: Café @ CalArts serving and dining areas, restrooms/bathrooms, the Bijou Theater, offices that have been designated “Pet Free,” Library, Tatum Lounge, classes when either students or faculty object, any area in which a performance of any type is being held and other areas which may be noted as “off limits” from time to time for specific reasons.
  • To run free or to be tied/leashed either inside or outside the building.

The owner or handler shall properly dispose of all his/her animal’s waste in a trash container, both inside and outside of all campus buildings.

What to do if you have a complaint to make about a pet:

Contact Campus Safety at 661-222-2702, with the description and location of the pet and/or unrestrained animal.

Rideshare / Pickup Policy

Advance Notification

CalArtians who are expecting a rideshare (i.e. Uber, Lyft) or other transportation pickup on campus must submit a drive-on request to Campus Safety in advance. Campus Safety will provide the name of the driver/rideshare company and the host to Main Gate staff. To submit a drive-on request on or before the day and time of arrival, either:

  • Call Campus Safety at 661-222-2702. Campus Safety will notify the Main Gate.
  • Email

If a driver arrives at the Main Gate and no drive-on request has been submitted, Campus Safety will attempt to contact the person expecting the pickup. If the person expecting the pickup cannot be contacted, the driver will be turned away.

Pickup Locations

CalArts has two designated rideshare pickup locations, one in front of the Main Building/Blue Wall, and one in front of Chouinard Hall. The pickup locations are indicated by blue curbs.