Student Union Committees 

Please browse each committee by clicking on a committee title. Committees with an asteriks are open to all students. 

The Communications Committee oversees all communication between Student Union and students. They run the Union website, social media, and hub page while also creating The Farticles, Semester Recaps, and other announcements. 

Meeting Time: As Needed 
Head: Mackenzie Costa ( 
Members: Grace Hlavacek, Seren Park 


The Student Union Constitution Committee is a group responsible for overseeing and proposing the ongoing policy structure of Union. The group is comprised of only Union representatives as they are tasked with creating new draft proposals for the Union bylaws (if needed) and is the designated place where drafts of Union letters/proposals are created before it’s approved and sent out to the student body.

Meeting Time: Wednesday 2pm (Zoom) 
Head: Rita Petviashvili (
Members: Grace Hlavacek, Lopamudra Goyal

The Health and Wellness Committee promotes mental health and advocacy across campus by working in collaboration with the Office of Health and Wellness and their director, Dr. Liz Peisner. In addition, they help coordinate workshops and speakers around wellness and health along with assisting the Basic Needs Center.

Meeting Time: TBD 
Head: Rhian Bristol (
Members: Jeannette Srinivasan

The Sustainability Committee works to make campus more Eco-friendly. In doing so they promote waste reduction, composting and recycling initiatives within the Cafeteria, and are working to bring back sustainable practice post- pandemic. 

Meeting Times: Monday 4pm (Zoom) 
Head: Katerina Escoto ( 
Members: Ishika Muchhal, Grace Hlavacek, Anya Butler, Yujin Park

The Grants Committee runs all Student Union Grants. This involves creating, reviewing, and allocating all grant applications. To do so, they work with the Student Union to create a budget for grants along with working with Financial Aid to distribute grants. 

Meeting Times: As Needed 
Head: Anya Butler (
Members: Tyler Harper, Rhian Bristol, Madaline Wray 

The Student Organizations Committee oversees proposals regarding registration, status, and funding for all Calarts Clubs. SOC works to ensure all students organizations events abide by all policies and laws. In addition, they help plan student organization fairs so that students can learn what clubs are on campus to join. 

Meeting Time: As Needed 
Head: Miso Jang (
Members: Lopamudra Goyal, Rita Petviashvili, Justine Faith Camessa, Emma Stuart-Box


The Student Union Student Intersectionality Committee (SIC), aims to create a safe space working to provide radical inclusion and amplified student input for all at CalArts. They promote a sense of transparency and accountability between the student body’s marginalized communities and the faculty and administration, furthering the idea of shared governance and student input in institute diversity decision making. 

Meeting Time: Friday 5pm (Union Office) 
Head: Sydney Canty ( Josh Salgado (
Members: Rhian Bristol, Ishika Muchhal, Arden DiManno, Jeannette Srinivasan, Seren Park


The Assembly Executive Committee oversees shared governance at the school and hosts representatives from Student Union, Academic Council, Staff Council, Deans Council, and Administration. Together, they work on institutional issues along with continuing to grow the Strategic Framework. 

Meeting Time: Bimonthly on Thursday at 5pm (Zoom)
Head: Ravi Rajan 
Members: Ishika Muchhal, Rita Petviashvili, Mackenzie Costa 

The Assembly Budget Committee is a collaboration between Faculty, Staff, Students, and Administration to vote on the upcoming years budget proposal for the Board of Trustees,. They review and vote on issues including tuition, investments, school budgets, and fiscal planning.

Meeting Time: Bimonthly on Thursday at 6pm (Zoom)
Head: Lori Husein 
Members: Grace Hlavacek, Anya Butler 

The IDEA Committee works to grow and promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and access on campus for all faculty, staff, and students. 

Meeting Time: TBD 
Head: Eva Graham 
Members: Syd Canty

The Sexual Respect Committee runs under Dionne Simmons, the Title IX coordinator, to grow a stronger sexual respect culture on campus. To do so, they discuss different training for staff, faculty, and students along with hosting conversations around sexual respect. 

Meeting time: TBD 
Head: Dionne Simmons 
Members: Syd Canty, Rhian Bristol