Chouinard Hall

Chouinard Hall houses approximately 340 students through double-occupancy rooms with bathrooms shared between two or three rooms. Features include:

Standard in every bedroom

  • Regular twin-size bed, tabletop desk, desk chair, dresser, nightstand and wardrobe closet for each resident
  • One storage cabinet to be shared among room residents
  • One cable jack (basic and limited channels provided)
  • One telephone jack
  • One computer network connection (port switch and high-speed internet access provided in addition to campus-wide wifi)
  • Heat and air-conditioning


Standard in every hall

Room types and rates:
  • *Single occupancy room
    • $10,784 for Fall & Spring
  • Double occupancy room
    • $7,396 for Fall & Spring
  • Triple occupancy room
    • $5,572 for Fall & Spring
  • Lounge furniture
  • In-house telephone (for in-house and Institute calls only)

*prioritized for disability-related housing accommodation