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Kevin Jerome Everson 'Ten Five in the Grass' & other shorts @ REDCAT

March 9, 2013
Saturday, March 9, 2013 - 8:30pm

REDCAT: With six feature-length films and more than 70 shorts, Alpert Award recipient Kevin Jerome Everson has explored the multiple facets of African American life via a variety of formal approaches. Whether through his signature long shots, collage of archival sources or the re-enactment of fictional material that echoes the lives of his performers, Everson favors a strategy that interrupts the documentary impulse, abstracting everyday actions and statements into theatrical gestures. His work plays with the ambivalent relationships between art and narrative, fact and fiction. This screening includes a selection of shorts, from the Lumière-inspired Workers Leaving the Job Site (2013), to a dark, witty, homage to Chester Himes, Early Riser (2012), to an exploration of the world of black cowboys, Ten Five in the Grass (2012). Read more

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