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Paul Brach Lecture Series: Emily Jacir

November 27, 2012
Tuesday, November 27, 2012 - 7:00pm - 9:00pm


Emily Jacir will be visiting the CalArts campus for a week of studio visits in conjunction with an award she received from the Alpert Foundation. Jacir is a Palestinian artist who spent her childhood in Saudi Arabia, attending high school in Italy; she currently divides her time between New York and Ramallah. She works in a variety of media including film, photography, installation, performance, video, writing and sound. Recurrent themes in her practice include repressed historical narratives, resistance, political land divisions, movement (both forced and voluntary) and the logic of the archive. From 2001-2003 she focused on a project titled Where We Come From, where she, as holder of an American passport, asked more than 30 Palestinians living both abroad and within the occupied territories: “If I could do anything for you, anywhere in Palestine, what would it be?” She collected responses and carried out tasks in an extended performance of wish fulfillment by proxy. She is a full-time professor at the International Academy of Art Palestine where she has been teaching since 2006.

Check out Emily's work here:

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