Faculty Training & Support

In concert with the Office of the Provost, the Library, and the Institute Diversity Officer, the Office of Faculty Affairs provides a variety of training and support opportunities for regular, technical and special faculty members. These opportunities are aimed at onboarding new faculty members, providing ongoing support for continuing faculty development, fostering a sense of community, and supporting the Institute’s goals for equity, diversity, and inclusion.  

All Faculty Affairs Events to be remote unless otherwise noted. If you have questions about any of the activities listed below, email aewalters@calarts.edu. CalArts community members can view the Google calendar with Zoom links here.

If you need to catch up on past faculty emails, please visit the Hub.

Friday Noon Faculty Zooms:

Upcoming Sessions:

  • TBA

Past Sessions:

Training and Support:

Past sessions:

  • Thursday September 23rd, 4:00pm to 5:30pm - Hybridity and Tactics in the Classroom/check in

Teaching and Equity Coffee Series: 

  • Thursday November 18th, 4:00pm - Creating Classroom Contracts and Equitable Classroom Models
  • Thursday December 9th, 4:00pm - Canons and Critiques

For Search Committees:

Every Tuesday 9:15am to 10:00am in Fall: Recruiting & Hiring 101 Best Practices 

For information about teaching in Fall 2021/Spring 2022 including support materials for remote/ hybrid teaching, please consult the Fall 2021 Course Modalities and Resources and the COVID updates page

For further questions or support contact us at dofa@calarts.edu or learnhelp@calarts.edu.

Faculty interested in a recorded copy of the New Faculty Orientation and materials should contact Ashley Walters at aewalters@calarts.edu. Additionally, all faculty have access to a LEARN course dedicated to faculty resources and training materials, if you have questions about this please contact Ashley Walters at aewalters@calarts.edu.

The Spring 2022 New Faculty Orientation is scheduled for Thursday, Jan. 20, 4:00 – 6:00pm PST via Zoom.

On selected Fridays at noon (during the academic year) there is an open faculty discussion held with the Director of Faculty Affairs to discuss faculty concerns, share teaching experiences and ideas and build the faculty community. It also supports an ongoing Anti-Racist Pedagogy discussion group. Other topics rotate and are announced via email; for more information or to get the link email aewalters@calarts.edu or dofa@calarts.edu.

The Faculty Affairs Office offers various training throughout the academic year based on the needs of the faculty, some examples include:

  • Dr. Tricia Rose, Sept 2020
    Systematic Racism And Its Impact On Academic Institutions. This lecture was funded by the IDEA initiative and explored systemic racism in academia.
  • “Creating Trans* Affirmative Classrooms”, March 2021
    Session focused on discussing strategies for creating more trans*-affirmative classrooms and give tools to create a more welcoming and inclusive classroom.  
  • Dr. Tricia Rose, January 2021
    Systemic Racism and the Ideas That Drive It: How to Diversify and Decolonize Our Pedagogy and College Curricula by Dr. Tricia Rose. This presentation and group discussion will explore the crucial links between systemic racism and the course content and approaches to teaching and learning on college campuses today as well as identify key strategies for effective diversification and decolonization.
  • Twice yearly implicit bias training sessions are offered in spring and fall.