Signature Recruiting Events

Signature Recruiting Events are scheduled throughout the academic year. These events allow you to interact with our students while experiencing their performances, art, and work.

Exclusively produced by Institute students, CalArts Halloween is a celebration of artists and an opportunity for the CalArts community to gather and showcase our talents and expression.

The Career Fair includes employers offering a wide range of professional opportunities for CalArts students and alumnx, such as internships, full-time, part-time, freelance, project-based, and volunteer opportunities.

Employers have access to top-qualified candidates with education and experience in visual and performing arts. Through booths and presentations, participation in this event allows companies and organizations to share resources, increase brand awareness, and support the student in the professional pipeline.

The annual CalArts Expo features future-looking representations in entertainment, gaming, and digital culture demonstrating how the arts can lead the development of new and innovative technologies.

The annual World Music and Dance Festival brings musical traditions from around the world to Southern California, courtesy of The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts, featuring more than 20 concerts at our open air-stage The Wild Beast.

Companies can support CalArts’ events through various sponsorship levels.

The end-of-year showcases celebrate the achievements and highlight the accomplishments of senior undergraduate and graduate students in our various schools and departments.