Stories about how philanthropy has made an impact on the art and community at CalArts.

Khadim Dai: A Refugee’s Tale

Sitting in the grass on Clark’s Field on a 90-degree day, Khadim Dai (BFA Film/Video) said that his greatest joy now is simple: to study and just contemplate life without worrying about the threat of violence. “I came to CalArts to think and reflect and take time to write my own...

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Marisa Mata: Proving There is There There

For a young writer from a remote region, the lure of a big city—with its economic opportunities and active cultural and social scenes—can be very tempting. But for Marisa Mata, who received her MFA in Creative Writing from CalArts in May and who was born and raised in Fresno, the...

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A Long-Time Supporter of Artists Creates a Legacy at REDCAT

When Olga Garay-English began working at the Cultural Affairs Department in Miami during the early 1980s, the city's arts and culture scene was still firmly rooted in the European canon. That didn't seem right to the Cuban-born Garay-English, who arrived with her family as a refugee to...

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