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Why your support matters

Donors like you make a critical difference to what opportunities CalArts is able to provide the next generation of artists. 

The photos to the right are just a sample of some of the areas in which donations helped CalArts students over the past academic year.

Tuition fees only cover 69 percent of CalArts' operating expenses, and we rely upon the generosity of alumni, parents, community members, and corporate and foundation support to continue to provide the very best arts education to all of the talented young artists at the Institute.

At CalArts, we value each student's creative ability. Students are selected for their potential as artists, regardless of their financial means. Today more than 80% of CalArts' students qualify for financial aid, but only slightly more than a quarter receive all the aid they need.

Support for scholarships helps CalArts to enroll the most talented students and maintain a rich mixture of perspectives in our student body.

Please join our committed community of supporters to make a difference in the lives of these young artists.

Make a donation today

CalArts' tax identification number is 95-6102146.

Last edited by Smith on Nov 24, 2014
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