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A Tale of Two Internships: Aron Bothman

Putting Animation Skills to Work

Aron at work with his craft.

Aron Bothman enrolled in CalArts’ Program in Character Animation in 2011 following four years working for several companies, including Google. Bothman had already earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, where he was a double major in biology and Chinese. But he also had a talent for drawing, creating illustrations for the student newspaper at Berkeley and venturing into design and animation for a video game company. He soon decided that he wanted to become an animator.

Landing a Coveted Internship

In November 2012, during his second year at CalArts, where he says he was “getting an amazing education” in developing his animation skills, Bothman attended a talk by a senior designer from Adobe, the software company known for Photoshop, which is used to edit graphics and manipulate digital photographs. While Adobe hires many engineers and programmers, the company has a wide range of interests, from smartphone apps to online magazines, so Bothman took the designer’s business card and followed up by emailing his resume to her.

After several phone interviews, Bothman was hired in March as a paid summer intern at Adobe’s San Jose headquarters, which includes improving ways that Adobe answers users’ questions about products.

I’m working for the Customer Care division, making sure that Adobe is engaged with its community of users.”—Aron Bothman, student in CalArts Program in Character Animation

Devising Creative Solutions

But Bothman says that he’s also interested in applying his animation skills to the job, “developing ways of presenting information that haven’t been done before related to common user problems.” Since many people understand concepts visually as much as verbally, they get stymied when trying to find answers to their concerns using a search box or by consulting a page of frequently asked questions. “A lot of users with basic problems with software don’t have the vocabulary to ask the right questions. A lot of people are visual learners.” So Bothman is trying to come up with creative ways of presenting information through graphics and animations that could better connect Adobe to its customers.

Internships at Adobe occasionally lead to full-time employment, and while Bothman won’t graduate until 2015, he says that he will keep Adobe in mind when applying for full-time jobs. In any event, he says, the internship will look great on his resume.

“I’m happy to have had this opportunity to sharpen my Adobe skill sets, since Adobe products are a big part of the day-to-day work of doing animation.”—Aron Bothman

Aron Bothman

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