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Advancing CalArts

CalArts is a unique institution, offering a rigorous program across the entire spectrum of the arts and focused on educating exceptionally-talented artists who challenge established practices and drive innovation. CalArts produces artists who strive to transform the arts, to lead new creative enterprises, and to dedicate their lives to giving back to their communities.

CalArts is able to pursue its mission because of you!

Dedicated supporters generously contribute to keep CalArts at the forefront in arts education. Donors help ensure we are able to enroll students based solely on artistic merit through generous scholarship support. Donors equip our faculty with resources to make dynamic, creative instruction a cornerstone of a CalArts education. Donors fuel the cultural impact of students across métiers in Art, Critical Studies, Dance, Film/Video, Music, and Theater.

Your gift enables CalArts to prepare the very best students in the arts to change the world.

CalArts alumni shape professional, creative landscapes, strengthen economies, and bring surprising solutions to complex problems. By making a gift to CalArts, you become an important contributor to the education and growth of the world’s next generation of transformational artists.

Every gift matters!

Please join our staunch community of supporters to make a difference in the lives of these young artists.

CalArts' tax identification number is 95-6102146.

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