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California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) Hosts Training Workshop for Innovative WATCHOUT Multimedia Presentation System

Click here for photos of work from CalArts created with WATCHOUT.

Dataton’s WATCHOUT is the industry leader in multi-display production and playback systems.

Workshop utilizes software licenses and computers donated to CalArts by WATCHOUT’s North American representative, Show Sage.

Through an innovative partnership between education and business, California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) will host a training seminar for the audio-visual production and playback system WATCHOUT at its Valencia, California campus.  WATCHOUT orchestrates stills, animations, graphics, video, sound and live feeds into a single show across multiple visual displays.  At the WATCHOUT Fundamentals Workshop on January 15 and 16, participants will learn to use WATCHOUT software to create cutting-edge multimedia presentation, art installations and theater environments. Designed and produced by Show Sage, the seminar combines CalArts students with arts and entertainment industry professionals.

"Show Sage and CalArts School of Theater are evolving an exciting new educational model—one in which our students are exposed to invaluable professional expertise on state-of-the-art technology," said CalArts School of Theater Dean Travis Preston.

The seminar follows the generous donation of $25,000 in software licenses and computers from Show Sage, WATCHOUT’s Exclusive North American Partner, CalArts’ School of Theater.

Peter Flaherty, Head of Video for Performance at CalArts commented, “Show Sage's WATCHOUT system donation has transformed our ability to teach our students about the range of professional media servers on the market and was a wonderful addition to our existing inventory. The industrial reliability and versatility of WATCHOUT is an incredibly valuable addition to the CalArts production landscape and is something we could not have afforded without Show Sage's incredible generosity.”

The system is a powerful tool for both industry professionals and CalArts’ students—who have already begun to use WATCHOUT to create theater productions and multimedia installations.  
Participants in the seminar will learn to program WATCHOUT Media Server directly from professionals at Show Sage, WATCHOUT's North American Premium Partner. This intimate and interactive session will provide essential information for student and professional users wanting to fully utilize the system’s capabilities.  

For more than a decade, Show Sage has been supporting Dataton WATCHOUT users in their creation of stunning multi-display presentations. The company’s experience with WATCHOUT dates back to its initial release in 1999. Since then Show Sage has been the leader in North America supporting producers, designers and content creators.

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