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Congratulations! CalArtians receive Creative Capital Grants

Film still from 'Split Ends, I Feel Wonderful' by Adoma Owusu

Creative Capital announced its 2012 grants in Film/Video and Visual Arts—and eight Calartians are among the 56 grant recipients.

CalArts faculty and alumni grantees include School of Film/Video faculty member Nina Menkes, Visiting Experimental Animation Program faculty member Eric Dyer, and Film/Video alumni Akosua Adoma Owusu (MFA Interschool '08), Norbert Shieh (MFA Film/Video '11) and Deborah Stratman (MFA Film/Video '95). Grantees Malik Gaines (MFA Film/Video '99), with the performance trio My Barbarian, Scott Barry (ACT
Art '11) and Neil Doshi (Art '10) represent the School of Art.

“With this new class of 2012 grantees, we are thrilled to support work that is highly contemporary, daring, delightful and complex—work that astonishes with the richness of its ideas,” commented Ruby Lerner, Creative Capital’s President & Executive Director. “Creative Capital continually aims to support the latest thinking in the field, and this year’s grantees push the boundaries of visual arts, film and video.” 

For the 2012 grantees, Creative Capital will provide up to $50,000 in direct project funding, plus advisory services valued at more than $40,000.

Caption: Film still from Split Ends, I Feel Wonderful by Adoma Owusu

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