Thesis Concert: Yolanda Shao

Thesis Concert: Yolanda Shao

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CalArts Campus


December 8th & 9th @ 8pm

Five Minutes is a hybrid performance project which uses the decision my family had to make when confronted with a seismic and dangerous shift in their country as a jumping off point to explore how one faces pivotal and life-changing decisions. As a Chinese national, my grandparents had their whole world turned upside down when the CCP came to power. They suddenly had to decide whether to flee the country or stay and try to survive in a very new and dangerous political landscape. Through movement, sculpture, light and sound, my creative team and I are recreating the sprawling and chaotic thoughts of someone having to make such a life-altering choice so quickly. Though the work is grounded in my family's memories, Five Minutes explores the universality of high stakes decision making and asks how we grapple with such monumental choices in our lives.

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