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Internships provide students with an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a variety of artistic career paths. Some of the advantages of participating in an internship include learning more about a chosen field, applying classroom theory to real work situations, becoming more knowledgeable about different work cultures and environments, identify new interests and talent, and develop transferable skill sets. Internships will also help you to enhance your resume, and network to gain contacts for possible future employment.

Internship Forms

  • The Internship Program Overview includes information about the CalArts internship program.
  • Complete the Internship Contract for the appropriate semester     Fall 2016, Spring 2017, Summer 2017 and the Student Waiver to enroll to receive credit for your internship. The deadline is the Add/Drop date of the semester you wish to do the internship.
  • Students must complete an evaluation and a reflective essay prior to the end of the semester to get credit for their internship.
  • Students are responsible to have their on-site supervisors fill out an host site evaluation in order to get credit. 

Find Internships

  • Join CommonSpace and explore the Job Board for internships, jobs (both part and full time), and short term projects.
  • Add yourself to the CalArts Opportunities group page on Facebook to see opportunities shared by students and alumni.

Other Internship Resources


Career Services fields numerous internship opportunities and new and returning internship providers are continually posting opportunities to CommonSpace and the CalArts Job Bank. Some opportunities are with large organizations with established internship programs, and some are offered through organizations that have developed a relationship with the institute. Others come into Career Services without solicitation from small, local firms.

Please note that Career Services does not conduct on-site visits with all the organizations that post internships. Therefore, Career Services has limited means to guarantee the viability of the internships offered. You should carefully evaluate all opportunities for yourself to determine the legitimacy of the opening and the safety of the environment.

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