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Residential Life

Access to campus buildings and grounds

Students and employees have access to all campus facilities, except where restricted by schools/departments. Access to the residence halls, however, is limited to student residents and their guests, according to housing procedures. (See housing brochure and license agreement)

Guests Not on the List

If the student is an on-campus resident the visitor will remain at the gate and Campus Safety will contact the Resident Assistant on duty to locate the student. If the student cannot be located then the guest will be advised to contact the student by phone or other means until clearance is made before the guest is permitted on campus.

Housing (Chouinard Hall & Ahmanson Hall)

If Campus Safety has advance notice from the Housing Office of a visiting guest, the visitor will be allowed on campus, and directed to the appropriate housing facility. The name and room number of the student will be noted.

Overnight Guests (On-Campus Housing)

  • Roommates and suite-mates must agree in advance.
  • The guest must be registered with the Housing Office (forms are available in the Housing office).
  • There is a limit per student of one guest per semester for a maximum of three days/two nights.
  • Guest must be with student at all times.

Students living on campus may not permit another person to occupy his or her respective room as a residence at any time. Students who do not register their guest will incur a $35 fee for each night of violation of the guest policy.

Performances, Openings and Other Events Commencing after 8 p.m.

In order to be admitted at the gate, guests must know the location and type of performance and the host student’s name, if applicable.

Resident Assistance (RAs)

The success of any community depends on the willingness of students to act responsibly for themselves and as members of the greater community. To that end, the community of the residence halls is enhanced by a Residential Communities Staff which includes 12 RAs.

RAs are returning students who have been chosen to assist the housing staff with students and their housing needs.

To this end, they:

  • Have been trained in first aid and CPR.
  • Offer personal support to students.
  • Facilitate better social contact among residents by organizing activities and special events.
  • Provide referral information to students who seek help.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding personal problems shared with them; are the front line negotiators in room conflicts, and are helpful in resolving conflicts.
  • Manage the housing facilities after office hours.

CalArts houses approximately 450 students in two residence halls located on campus.

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