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Gina Lawes is a 15-year veteran of the Visual Effects and CG Animation industry. Since graduating from CalArts, she has specialized in Digital Compositing and Color/Lighting for DreamQuest Images, Disney Feature Animation and Sony Pictures Imageworks. She currently works at Dreamworks Animation, where she has been a Lead Lighting Artist since 2003. 

Gina has contributed to a variety of feature films, including Academy Award nominated Armageddon (vfx), Kung Fu Panda (feature animation) and How to Train Your Dragon (feature animation). In addition to the CalArts Alumni Association board, Gina serves on the board of the South Pasadena Educational Foundation and is a professional member of the Visual Effects Society and the International Animated Film Society. She holds a BA and BFA from the University of South Florida in Mass Communications and Fine Arts and a MFA in Experimental Animation from CalArts.

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