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Programs and Degrees

The Institute offers programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), Master of Fine Arts (MFA), Master of Arts (MA), Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA), and undergraduate and advanced certificates.

School of Critical Studies

Creative Writing Program (MFA)

Aesthetics and Politics Program (MA)

The Sharon Disney Lund School of Dance

Program in Dance (BFA only)

Program in Choreography (MFA only)

School of Art

Program in Art (BFA, MFA)

Program in Graphic Design (BFA, MFA)

Program in Photography and Media (BFA, MFA)

Program in Art and Technology (MFA only)

School of Film/Video

Program in Film and Video (BFA, MFA)

Program in Experimental Animation (BFA, MFA)

Program in Character Animation (BFA only)

Film Directing Program (MFA only)

The Herb Alpert School of Music at CalArts

Performer-Composer Program

Performer-Composer (BFA, MFA, DMA)

Composition (BFA, MFA)

Jazz Studies Program

Jazz Studies Program (BFA, MFA)

InstrumentalArts Programs

Winds Program (BFA, MFA)

Brass Program (BFA, MFA)

Percussion Program (BFA, MFA)

Guitar Program (BFA, MFA)

Harp Program (BFA, MFA)

Piano/Keyboard Program (BFA, MFA)

Strings Program (BFA, MFA)

VoiceArts Program (BFA, MFA)

World Music Programs

African Music and Dance Program (MFA)

Balinese and Javanese Music and Dance Program (MFA)

North Indian Music Program (MFA)

World Percussion Program (MFA)

World Music Program (BFA)

Music Technology Program: Interaction, Intelligence and Design

Music Technology (BFA, MFA)

Musical Arts Program

Musical Arts (BFA)

School of Theater

Programs in Performance

Acting Program (BFA, MFA)

Directing Program (MFA)

Writing for Performance Program (MFA)

Programs in Design and Production

Scene Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Costume Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Lighting Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Sound Design Program (BFA, MFA)

Technical Direction Program (BFA, MFA)

Creative Producing and Management Program


Interschool degrees

Interschool degrees, or double majors, are available to a small number of advanced third- and fourth-year undergraduates and graduate students whose skills, previous training and artistic interests warrant pursuing a degree in more than one School at CalArts. Such specialized courses of study must set clearly defined objectives and have the approval of the deans of the participating Schools.

Potential MFA students may apply for admission to the Interschool
Program. Successful applicants will exhibit extraordinary strength and
ability in the two disciplines of choice, with portfolio/performance
work that demonstrates the ability to successfully pursue a rigorous
interdisciplinary arts study. New MFA students applying for InterSchool
must meet all established Institute application deadlines for both
Programs and be admitted into both Programs.

Highly qualified BFA students who have already completed at
least one year of residency at CalArts may apply to the InterSchool
Program. Continuing BFA students interested in the InterSchool Program should contact the Office of the Provost.

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