Summer and Fall Registration Information and Updates

Dear CalArtians,

Summer course registration is opening May 19 and we have some good news for you. This summer we are making a special commitment to include summer classes as part of your spring 2020 tuition, meaning there is no additional charge to you for these classes. 

These classes, delivered through remote instruction, will be open to all currently enrolled students, however, they are primarily intended to help BFA students who (1) need more critical studies credits to graduate this year and (2) those who are behind in critical studies credits. Priority registration will be given to those students.

Classes offered this summer will include: 

  • A new class taught by Veronica Alvarez, Director of CAP, Artist as Educator: Pedagogy, Planning, & Practice. This summer class will prepare you to effectively and ethically engage with diverse communities of K-12 students - including English Learners and students with special needs - as artists and educators. If you are interested in becoming a teaching artist as you consider post CalArts plans, this might be a good one to take.
  • Imaging Reality: Representation and Visual Anthropology taught by Niki Rousso-Schindler. This is a BFA course offering only. This course will explore issues of debate that visuals stimulate in ethnographic projects as well as the methods used to produce them.

Registration opens May 19, please review the Class Signup page for important dates and instructions. 

You will also receive more information directly from Registrar Erin Collins in her newsletter on Monday, May 4. Class signup information will be sent Monday, May 11. 

Fall Catalog and Registration

We will continue to keep you informed about fall schedules and registration. We plan to have the fall catalogue available in July and online registration begins August 11.  

As I wrote to you last week, our goal is to maximize in-person instruction and ensure your continued growth as artists. We prioritize a mentorship model of teaching and learning, with small class sizes and low student-to-faculty ratios. With this is mind and the need for social distancing and other health and safety precautions, we are working closely as a faculty and with facilities, to expand the areas for teaching on campus and close to campus to maintain the health and safety of our community.

Over the next month we are working on models of education that allow access to studios, labs, and facilities, using other modes of engagement for meetings and some classes that lend themselves more readily to different types of learning. We are also reviewing opportunities for flexible curricular structures, new initiatives, and a variable pacing of the academic calendar. I will continue to update you as our plans come together. I can assure you that faculty and staff are working nonstop to build a fall semester that will offer creative, impactful, personal and new learning opportunities through direct engagement with your faculty and peers.

In the meantime, please reach out to my office, your dean, or your faculty if you need any assistance or have any questions about finishing this semester.

Best regards,


Tracie Costantino