March 20: Student Resources Available

Dear CalArtians,

As we are all acutely aware, the COVID-19 pandemic is creating a series of complex challenges and constantly changing circumstances for our community. The ripple effects of social distancing and shelter in place orders seem now to be touching all parts of our lives.

For some, this pandemic is not just disrupting daily life, but is also creating significant financial hardship, making it difficult to pay for all of the costs of an education. These expenses range from the cost of tuition to the ability to pay for food, housing, or travel home. 

In hopes of offering some support to students currently struggling with unforeseen expenses or wondering whether they will be able to afford tuition next year, I would like to share two resources for currently enrolled students. These resources are not new, but they are newly refocused to provide targeted relief to the students most in need. Please see the links and descriptions below to determine if either of these avenues may be a form of help to you. Both forms listed below are fully online, and staff in the Student Success and Student Experience offices are available by Zoom meeting or by email to answer any questions you have about these processes.

Please also note that our last payment deadline was March 10, 2020 for students on the payment plan. Due to these unprecedented and extenuating times, we understand that some of our students and their families may have difficulty meeting this deadline. In order to assist, we are extending our final payment plan deadline by one month. The new deadline will be Friday, April 10, 2020.

COVID Emergency Fund

The CalArts emergency fund is intended to assist students who require immediate emergency funding that is not related to tuition. These funds are intended to provide relief for urgent travel needs, food insecurity, and other extreme situations stemming from the COVID-19 disruption. All current students may apply for up to $500 dollars. The deadline to complete this form is April 13, 2020. Emergency appeals are reviewed on a daily basis (Monday through Friday), and students approved for this appeal will receive funds as a check mailed to their home address or as otherwise arranged with the Director, Care and Well-being.

COVID Emergency Fund Application

 Need-Based Grant Appeals

The second form is the Need-Based Grant Appeal Form. Although we had originally announced that our tuition increase appeals process would start this week, we have reassessed this process in light of recent developments and will instead offer a general appeal open to all continuing students with demonstrated financial need.

Beginning in April, these appeals will be reviewed weekly, and grants of up to $5,000 to be applied to tuition will be awarded to students based on demonstrated financial need.

If your appeal is based on financial circumstances stemming from the COVID-19 crisis, please submit your appeal by April 13, 2020, to receive priority consideration. Students approved for this grant will receive an increase to their institutional funding for the 2020-2021 academic year, renewable each subsequent year of enrollment if their financial need persists.

Need-Based Grant Appeal Form

Due to limited funds, we are not able to guarantee that all appeals will be granted. We can assure you, though, that each appeal will be given our most serious consideration, and we will help as many students as we possibly can during this difficult time.  

All students who have questions about how to apply for emergency assistance or fund their CalArts education are encouraged to meet with a representative of the Financial Aid Office, regardless of their choice to participate in the appeals process. Financial Aid staff are available to answer questions and provide guidance by email at, or by Zoom meeting during regular business hours.

CalArts’ first priority is the safety and well being of our community. We appreciate your patience in the midst of so much uncertainty, and welcome your feedback to understand how we can provide further support through this difficult period.


Anna Jablonski
Assistant Vice President of Enrollment
and Associate Provost for Student Success