March 12: Important Information About Student Employees - Supervisors of Student Employees

The following message was distributed by the CalArts Office of Human Resources to the CalArts Supervisors of Student Employees

As a result of the recent decisions to suspend on-campus classes, the Institute has received several questions about student workers and their employment during the suspension. 

As CalArts is taking precautions and practicing social distancing during this time, students who are not on-campus residents are not currently allowed on the campus. For now, this extends to student employees as well. We encourage you to share this email with other managers, supervisors, or anyone else who directs students. 

We would like to remind all members of our community that there are no known cases affecting our campus community, but it is important that we do everything possible to prevent exposure to our students, faculty, and staff.

We are asking supervisors/timesheet approvers to contact their student workers about their on-campus employment and to assist them in determining how best to move forward and inform them of how to complete their timesheets in order to be paid. It is imperative that supervisors/timesheet approvers ensure that students complete their timesheet for the current pay period ending Sunday, March 15 by 9:00 am on Monday, March 16. Supervisors/timesheet approvers must approve student timesheets before 1:00 pm. Supervisors/timesheet approvers must also enter the student’s work hours if the student has not entered their hours.

So that students’ employment opportunities are not adversely impacted by the recent decision to suspend classes, if you do not have work for your student employee, the employee can be reassigned to work that differs from their normal assignment. Please contact your department to see if there are other needs for student employees. If your student worker is reassigned, we ask that you work closely with the supervisor they have been reassigned to and verify the hours your student worker reports on their timesheet. 

We ask supervisors/timesheet approvers to call their student worker(s) today, Thursday March 12, 2020, and no later than 12pm on Friday, March 13, 2020 and share with them the following:

  • Student employees must record their regularly scheduled work hours for this week (3/9-3/15) in Hubtime by 9 AM Monday (3/16) even if they were unable to work;
  • We strongly encourage students to record their hours by close of business on Friday, March 13. 
  • For the next two-week pay period, student employees must be on call during their regularly scheduled hours and be available to do work remotely in order to be paid. 
  • Students should expect assignments that may differ from their regular work assignments. 
  • Some students who will be required for this duration (i.e. RAs) may be asked to report to campus; 
  • For the next two-week pay period, student employees are responsible for entering their hours and will be paid accordingly for their regularly scheduled hours. Students are responsible for entering their hours worked into HubTime by 9:00 am on the Monday following the end of the pay period.
  • Again, we strongly encourage students to record their hours by the close of business on the Friday before the end of the pay period.

It is critical that supervisors/timesheet approvers verify/approve all hours worked by student employees. In the case of students working remotely, supervisors will need to be extra vigilant to ensure the accuracy of the hours reported.

If you have any questions about this, please contact Human Resources. 

We really appreciate your support during this evolving situation.

The Office of Human Resources