Guidance for Employees Returning to the Workplace This Summer

In anticipation of a return to on-site operations next month, we have developed the attached CalArts Summer 2020 Reopening Plan for Employees to assist employees in their efforts to ensure a safe working environment. It is expected that state and local authorities, along with public health officials, will allow for restrictions on work in offices to relax in June.  

This guidance document will be updated as conditions change and we learn more about how to best address issues created by the COVID-19 pandemic. This will include ongoing analysis, consultation with our peers, recommendations from federal, state, and local officials, and the emergence of best practices across the country. 

For each SVP, VP, or Dean: please designate a Coordinator in your area to lead the efforts within your areas using the policies and protocols in the guide. Please report this selection by COB on Wednesday June 5, 2020 to the following members of the Emergency Response Team: 

Jesse Smith, Associate VP/Chief Operating Officer

Nikhil Pillai, Director of Legal Affairs

Chebon Marshall, Chief of Staff

Each designated coordinator will be the point of contact for efforts in their area for social distancing plans inside facilities, helping to identify appropriate staffing models to reduce population density, coordinate information requests for this effort, and to communicate the need for resources. 

All employees should please find time to review the guidance to address potential questions and concerns, and to understand the steps being taken to provide a safe working environment. CalArts is taking a slow and deliberate approach to expanding the in-person return to campus to ensure the health and safety of all faculty and staff and, as a result, much of the Institute’s workforce will continue to work remotely and have varied time on-campus for the immediate future.  

Download reopening plan