CalArts Returns - New Information on Student Workers

This email was sent to CalArts faculty and staff about hiring student workers when students are not allowed on campus.

Dear Colleagues:

We have received some new information within the last few days regarding the possibility of student workers during this period in which students are not allowed on campus.

To clarify, the following points describe the conditions under which student workers can be utilized until our campus situation changes:

  • Student workers may be hired to do work completely remotely. This would include students that are paid from Institute funds as well as students receiving funding through federal work-study.
  • To provide technical support to faculty working on campus only for the narrow purpose of producing online instructional content for remote . The stipulations are that this can only be one student and one faculty member in a room in which all COVID-19 protocols (including face coverings) are strictly observed. Equipment that might be used must be disinfected before and after use at the direction of the faculty member.
  • Student workers may be utilized to assist in the equipment/library drop-off/pickup process. Student workers should mainly be working outside and all COVID-19 protocols must be strictly observed. It should be noted that equipment and materials exchanged during this process must be disinfected between users.

On campus employment for the above purposes must first be approved by the Provost’s office.

In closing, we are fortunate to be able to offer some level of employment support to our students, as well as enjoy their assistance in carrying out these important functions.

All student employment opportunities will be available on the Compass at CalArts job board, including federal work study jobs. If you are planning to hire student workers you must post the job through Compass first, by creating an Employer profile. Czarina Martinez can guide departments through this process,

In the coming weeks, there will be Zoom information sessions co-hosted by the Center for Life and Work and various departments that are hiring students this fall, as well as a weekly Student Job Newsletter sent to all enrolled students through Compass, highlighting available student jobs.

Please let me know if you have questions.


Bailey Cool
Interim Executive Director