CalArts Returns - Introducing LiveSafe App Necessary for Campus Access

This email was sent to the CalArts community on how to access campus with the new LiveSafe app.

Dear CalArts Community, 

As part of the CalArts return to campus guidelines, we continue to follow local health department recommendations and require that all employees check themselves for COVID-19 symptoms each day before coming to campus. The health screening must be completed each day to access campus facilities. You will be expected to show proof of a time and date-stamped checkmark mobile phone screen, which you will receive after completing the screening if there are no issues. 

We are working with the LiveSafe app, a mobile safety communications platform to assist in facilitating the screening process. The new LiveSafe process for accessing campus will go into effect on Tuesday, Sept. 8. 

To access and set up the app, please follow these steps:

  • Download LiveSafe app by clicking this link 
  • Follow the prompts to create a LiveSafe profile
  • Add CalArts as your organization and utilize your CalArts email address 
  • LiveSafe will give you access to the following:
    • Answers to Your COVID-19 Questions: Through the LiveSafe App, you can submit questions or seek information from your organization's COVID-19 response team.
    • CDC COVID-19 Guidance: Get one-touch access to the latest information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you are unable to access via a smartphone, you can access the screening tool from a browser by clicking the LiveSafe URL link

Once you have completed the self-screening you will receive:

  • An email confirmation of your daily screening; and
  • A green checkmark on your phone indicating you are clear to come to work (screen disappears quickly, so take a screenshot immediately after receiving the result).

Please be prepared to show one of the following upon your arriving to campus:

  • A screenshot of the daily screening result; or
  • Email confirmation you will receive after completing the screening process.

Note: If for any reason a member of the community does not have access to the app or does not want to use the online process for symptom check, a manual process will be administered upon entering the campus.

Regardless of the screening results, if you feel that you have symptoms related to COVID-19, please contact a healthcare professional and do not come to campus.

The app will only collect information regarding screening for COVID-19 and will retain data for seven days at which time the data is deleted from their system. This data will only be used by CalArts to confirm community members are cleared to be on campus, or in the event CalArts needs to communicate with community members if there is an issue. For more details, email with any questions and read the LiveSafe Privacy Policy here

Thank you,

Maria-Victoria Perez
Jesse Smith
COVID-19 Compliance Co-officers