Juan Pablo Villa

Juan Pablo Villa

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CalArts Campus

B302, ROD

Experimental Voice

School of Music Visiting Artist

Singer and multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, music producer. Working on a wide range of musical styles, from traditional music of Mexico to experimental music and extended vocal techniques he has been multi-awarded as composer for the movie “Radical” (2023) directed by Christopher Zalla, “Victoria” (2020) directed by Eloisa Diez, “Hambre”(2021) by Carlos Meléndez and much more. He also intensively works with composers, directors and producers such as Urdimbre Audiovisual, Jaques Arnaud, Carlos Cuarón, Josué Vergara, among others. As a music performer he performs all around the world, participating to international projects from World Music field, experimental and avantgarde festivals. He is member of the international quartet Cuatro Minimal since 2011. Selected for the Sistema Nacional de Creadores de Arte from the Mexican Government 2023-2025.