Fox Maxy

Fox Maxy

Still from San Diego (2020), directed Fox Maxy. Courtesy of the filmmaker and Civic Films.

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Monday, December 4
8 PM (PT) (72 hours)

Horror? Safety? Horror?

The description for San Diego, Fox Maxy’s 2020 film, reads, “How do we keep our communities safe?” To contend with the root of this question, one would have to deeply, painfully, egolessly, excruciatingly look within oneself, knowing that in one way or another violence and horror reside within. Maxy’s experimental documentary films take this violence and these horrors as undisputed fact, crafting digital collages that are unconcerned with making their life as an Indigenous young person a spectacle for institutional acceptance.

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The in-person program includes a post-screening talk with Fox Maxy, moderated by Jheanelle Brown.

"On a mission to promote accessible production with iPhones and camcorders, Fox Maxy is a pioneer of freeform filmmaking."
Edward Frumkin, Brooklyn Rail