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Students First

Supporting the Next Generation of Pioneering Artists

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California Institute of the Arts has launched an important fundraising effort called Students First to support the next generation of exceptionally gifted, hard-working artists.

Through Students First, we can effect change through two critical tracks.

  • One part is a new Center for Life and Work, featuring programs that will enable our students to more effectively launch careers as creative professionals. With a $5 million endowment, we will hire a professional staff to teach skills, organize workshops, arrange student internships at innovative companies and organizations and offer other services to help students meet the realities and challenges of a life in the creative world. 
  • The second component of Students First is a $20 million increase to the strategic fund for scholarships—both need-based and merit. The resulting tuition assistance will significantly ease the often-overwhelming burden of school loan debt faced by so many young people today. The boost in scholarships will help CalArts graduates get the right start, survive and flourish. 

Through Students First, we can empower a new generation of artists. Learn more about Students First by downloading the brochure.

Become an important contributor in the education and growth of our world’s next generation of artists.

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More information

Sally Bickerton
Director of Leadership Gifts
661.253.7718 or sbickerton@calarts.edu

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