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A Tale of Two Internships

With the new academic year approaching fast, many students are winding down their summer activities, including internships at innovative companies around the United States.

Corporations and organizations are attracted to CalArts students because of their ability to think and problem-solve creatively, their strong work ethic and their mastery of numerous artistic skills. Some internships are perfect fits for students due to the creative nature of the businesses involved. But even companies that one normally doesn’t associate with the arts find CalArtians’ mix of talents an intriguing draw. The experiences of two current students demonstrate how internships can materialize in completely different industries.

Aron Bothman

Aron Bothman enrolled in CalArts’ Program in Character Animation in 2011 following four years working for several companies, including Google. Bothman had already earned a bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley, where he was a double major in biology and Chinese. But he also had a talent for drawing, creating illustrations for the student newspaper at Berkeley and venturing into design and animation for a video game company. Read more.

Rachel Sherbill

CalArts School of Theater MFA student Rachel Sherbill has been spending her summer as a producing intern at the Blue Sky Department within Walt Disney Imagineering (WDI), the Glendale-based design and development arm of The Walt Disney Company. Read more.

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