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Scholarship Support

Because CalArts selects students based on their creative potential, our student body is extraordinarily diverse and our programs are among the top-ranked in the nation. More than a third of are students are ethnic minorities, and almost twenty percent of our undergraduates are in the first generation of their family to attend college. CalArts’ programs are in the top 10, if not the top five, in the country in visual art, film, theater, and music.

CalArts students are increasingly in need of financial support. 80 percent of our students qualify for financial aid, but scholarships provide only 25 percent of the average aid package. One of our highest priorities is to increase the scholarship endowment to provide permanent and growing support for our students. These resources help to ensure that those students who will benefit the most from a CalArts education can afford to attend.

Growing endowed funds takes time. In the meantime, our students are in need of immediate aid. Gifts of annual support for scholarships provide immediate assistance to current students at the Institute, often making a crucial difference in their ability to continue their studies at CalArts.

Help deserving students access the unique educational opportunities at CalArts.

Make a gift today

For more information about endowed scholarship opportunities or annual gifts for scholarship support, please call Sally Bickerton, Director of Leadership Gifts at 661.253.7718 or email sbickerton@calarts.edu.

A Scholarship Story

The following is a profile of a current student well on his way to success thanks to those who make generous donations to the Institute's scholarship funds.

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