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Student Clubs and Organizations

Acting for Animators

Love using you imagination? Enjoy hanging out with friends and being truthful? Then the Acting for Animators Club is the place for you! Using the Meisner Technique to ignite creative intinct, this club offers a detailed understanding of behavior and emotion. We will be dooing improv as well as scripted scenes.

CalArts Anime Club

To watch and discuss Japanese animation.

For more information, email animeclub@alum.calarts.edu

CalArts Comedy

CalArts comedy aims to foster a community for anyone with an interest in expressing themselves through humor. We also welcome those who simply want to unwind from school and enjoy comedy.

CalArts Eye

The CalArts Eye is an uncensored, multi-métier publication created, composed, and constructed by students and for students of the California Institute of the Arts. Students and alumni of CalArts are welcome to contribute.


To send submissions or ask questions, email: eye@alum.calarts.edu

The Collective

The Collective functions as a gathering and a summoning. We are artists of the African Diaspora. We collaborate across disciplines to discover the polyvocal, radical depths of Black expression and thought. Through the creation of programming and events that take place throughout the CalArts community, we strive to sustain multifocal conversations by choosing to speak back and re-vision.

Meets monthly in the Library

For more information, email thecollective@alum.calarts.edu

Contact Improv Club

Provide a forum and "playground' for sharing tools in weight sharing, real-time decision making, and listening with the body.

Combo Club

To create a space where anyone from CalArts can come together and learn a new style/genre of dance each week.

Film Tonight

Each Friday night in A115, we screen movies we are excited by and feel people should see.

Meets every Friday at 10pm in A115

Game Makers

To lead CalArts into a brave new era of video game production.

Hardware Hacking Club

Our mission is to modify, hack or circuit bend various electronic devices in the pursuit of art.

Meets every Wednesday from 12pm - 4pm in the Electronics/Soldering Lab

For more information, email hardwarehackers@alum.calarts.edu

HeArt Christian Fellowship

A time and space for fellowship within the gospel of Jesus Christ, where we build and encourage each other's faith and use multimedia to bring hope!

Meets every Thursday at 10pm in the CS lobby

For more information, email heart@alum.calarts.edu

Hip Hop Club

To give students a chance to expand their dance training and experience the culture.

Meets every Wednesday at 8pm - 9pm in A203

For more information, email hiphopclub@alum.calarts.edu


Masterpeace aims to inspire everyone to use their talent and energy for building peace and togetherness.

Meets monthly on Thursdays

For more information, email masterpeace@alum.calarts.edu

Visit us on Facebook!

Materials Collective

Developing campus-wide solutions to minimize single sue materials, reduce the waste of reusable materials, and enable responsible disposal.

Meets monthly on a Monday at 6pm at the POD/Mod bridge

Mi Gente – Latin Student Union

A collective to provide support, encouragement, and critique toward our art practices and communities.

For more information email migente@alum.calarts.edu

Queer Arts Collective (QAC)

QAC aims to sensitize the CalArts community on diverse, sexual, gender, and non-normative identities/narratives. Along with forming a safe and friendly peer group including students, administrators, faculty and staff, we organize exhibitions, film screening, lectures and artist shows.

Meets every odd Thursday at 4pm in the Lulu May Von Hagen Courtyard

For more information, email qac@alum.calarts.edu

Tumblr: http://queerartscollective.tumblr.com/


Provide the CalArts community with a unique outlet for creative sharing through vibrant content and thought provoking programming.

For more information, email kcia@alum.calarts.edu

Soccer Club

Play soccer. Have fun. Exercise.

Meets every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5pm on the Soccer Field

For more information, email soccerclub@alum.calarts.edu

Tap Club

Bring culture and community to to tap through the fndamentals of rhythm.


Want to create a new club/organization on campus?

Visit the Student Affairs Office (A207).  If you have any questions, please call 661-253-7874.

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