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viralnet Launches New Projects in Online Project Space

Three New Online Projects and a Collaboration for 2013-14

LOS ANGELES, CA - August, 2013 –viralnet.net, the Center for Integrated Media's online project space at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts),  is pleased to announce the posting of three new projects: "Culture In Miniature: Toy Dogs and Object Life" by Chi-ming Yang, "To Be Announced" by Courtney Malick and "Off Road" by Uta Kogelsberger. These three projects mark the launching of viralnet.net's new 2013-14 annual series of essays, interviews, events, publications and exhibitions. 

Chi-ming Yang's essay is posted in collaboration with the University of Toronto's journal, Eighteenth Century Fiction.  Yang frames her essay, "Culture in Miniature," as an exploration of how 18th-century imported dogs, toys and curios from Asia  "reveal the miniature to be a cross-cultural phenomenon tied to new technologies of modeling life." She describes how the toy dog "mediated relations of racial, sexual, and species difference and helped establish a luxury market for the pet as a racialized fetish object that continues to this day."

"To Be Announced" is an essay by Courtney Malick that explores the work of emerging artists: Ivana Basic, Mircea Cantor, Xavier Cha, Brody Condon, Joshua Hagler, Miri Segal and Or Even Tov. Malick describes her essay as a critique of "our current moment as one within which we are seeing a long, gradual process of cultural and environmental destruction. This destruction, like that of a forest fire, can be understood as a catharsis of sorts, through which outmoded beliefs and systems of communication and identification may be obliterated, thus creating a clearing upon which new ways of life can begin to be built."

Uta Kogelsberger's video "Off Road" was shot at a State Vehicular Recreation Area in California. It is part of a larger series of works that look at what Kogelsberger calls “these controlled “pockets of freedom” that are particularly emblematic of North American culture; places where people go to leave the constraints of everyday existence behind to live out a fantasy of autonomy and freedom. A fantasy that is also instrumental in sustaining the political system that houses it."  Kogelsberger's video will soon be accompanied by an interview with Tom Leeser, the Director of the Center for Integrated Media and Director of the Art and Technology Program at California Institute of the Arts.

During 2013-14, viralnet.net will also be working in collaboration with the Centre for the Living Arts in Mobile, Alabama as part of its exhibition, "Futures Project.”viralnet.net is included in Tom Leeser's “Futures Project” artist residency called, "Future Tense.” A cross-disciplinary project that includes digital video artists, musicians and writers in a series of screenings, symposiums and events, "Future Tense" will run through January 2014.

For more information on the Centre for the Living Arts and its “Futures Project” go to: http://www.centreforthelivingarts.com/

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