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The CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program and Les Figues Press Sponsor Distributed Book Launch for 'I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing By Women'

October 15, Valencia, CA—Experimental writing is coming to Chinatown! On Saturday, October 27th, Los Angeles lovers of contemporary literature will have the opportunity to hear readings by six different conceptual women writers at three different alternative art venues in downtown Los Angeles. Audience members are invited to choose the order in which they experience this “distributed” book launch. The event celebrates the exciting new anthology, I’ll Drown My Book: Conceptual Writing By Women, recently released by Les Figues Press. I’ll Drown My Book features the writing of two California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) MFA Writing Program instructors Jen Hofer and Christine Wertheim. The series of readings showcases women’s contributions to the hot new literary movement—conceptual writing.

What is conceptual writing? Conceptual writing is writing that employs an overt strategy and/or a structure to generate a literary text. It defies the linear, messing around with beginnings, middles and ends. It treats language, words and letters as something material to work with, a found object (often mining the Internet). And it has close ties to conceptual art, which itself uses language as a visual medium. What is conceptual writing by women? It is often writing that specifically references the body as a text, that emphasizes multiplicity and irreverently rewrites canonical Western narratives. And it is writing that is sometimes left out of conversations about conceptual writing, a situation this anthology seeks to address.

Edited by Caroline Bergvall, Laynie Browne, Teresa Carmody and Vanessa Place, the book includes work by 64 writers from 10 countries, including CalArts faculty members Jen Hofer and Christine Wertheim.

About the CalArts MFA Creative Writing Program
The CalArts MFA in Writing is an innovative, interdisciplinary two-year creative writing program designed for students who seek to experiment with form and content and to engage in thoughtful dialogue about the artistic, conceptual and political contexts of contemporary writing. See writing.calarts.edu.

About Les Figues Press
Les Figues Press is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit literary press that seeks to create aesthetic conversations between writers/artists and readers, especially those interested in innovative/experimental/avant-garde work. See www.lesfigues.com.

Event Details

8-11 pm on Saturday, October 27, 2012

Institute for Figuring, Automata Arts and Human Resources (Chinatown LA)

Teresa Carmody, Jen Hofer, Vanessa Place, Frances Richard, Giovanni Singleton, Christine Wertheim

Move from venue to venue in the order you choose to hear all six writers, reading as themselves and others

Because conceptual writing by women wants you to experience time and space in multiple ways, and this reading does too. Accompanied by refreshments.

Teresa Carmody, Editor, Les Figues Press, Janet Sarbanes, Chair, CalArts MFA Writing Program, (213) 925-8946

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