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Update to the CalArts Community

Update on steps taken in response to the incident of trespass and vandalism on October 29.

Photos of wall paintings in the vandalized studio were sent to the CalArts community via email. Recipients were asked to help with the investigation by providing information that might assist with the apprehension of the perpetrator(s).

The Sheriff's Department investigation continues.

Steps are being taken to enhance overall campus safety.

At a town meeting on campus, students discussed the incident and related events. In response they have formed a committee to address safety on campus and are developing a plan to self-monitor areas of the campus after dark .

Mistaken information about CalArts and the composition of its student body appeared in recent press coverage.  Here are the updated statistics from CalArts’ Fact Sheet.

CalArts Students Fall 2011

  • 1,441 students from 48 states, District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands and 44 nations
  • 904 undergraduate students
  • 524 graduate students
  • 13 special non-degree students
  • 59.7% Caucasian
  • 10.6% Asian-American
  • 10.8% Latino
  • 7.1% African descent
  • 0.6% American Indian/Alaskan
  • 0.2% Hawaiian/Pacific Islander
  • 7.1% Two or more races
  • 3.9% Undeclared
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