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Message to the CalArts Community, 11/1/11

As many may have heard, there was an incident of trespass and vandalism that occurred sometime between 12:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. on October 29 in the art studio of a student on the CalArts campus.

As we stated to the campus community on September 8th, 2011 we’d like to reiterate that "We want to make it clear that as a collective of artists we welcome an exchange of ideas and challenging critique, but always and only in the context of respect. We do not accommodate or accept language, image or actions that aim to marginalize or strip another of their humanity. Such actions are cowardly, ignorant, and wholly counter to the values of the artists we seek to be and become and we want to stress that there will be no tolerance for anyone caught engaging in these acts." Although we do not yet know the full nature of the vandalism and its origins, whether it was targeted towards a specific student or attempting to create an atmosphere of toxicity on our campus, we do want to alert the community that CalArts is taking the following actions:

  • Campus security has contacted the Sheriff's Department who are investigating the scene.  The results of their investigation are pending.
  • An internal investigation is also under way.
  • Campus Security is augmenting and enhancing internal security systems and procedures.
  • CalArts is actively in touch with students who have experienced vandalism or harassment, and their families, and is keeping them updated.  

Students are always welcome to contact Student Affairs if they have concerns about campus life. One of CalArts' highest priorities is to maintain the well being of its vibrant and inter-connected campus community.  Please be aware that we are seeking to resolve this issue on all fronts and as soon as we learn more about the details of this incident we will further inform the community. 

Steven D. Lavine
President, CalArts

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